Our Office

Our serene Jackson, Mississippi office, nestled on Mayes Lake provides state-of-the-art technology in a warm, welcoming environment. We strive to provide the lastest options for complete facial rejuvenation al while keeping one goal in mind – yours. We understand that each patient at the Blackledge Face Center has specific desires, and so we each patient’s regimen will be as individualized as the patients themselves.

Dr. Blackledge’s personalized care approach has infiltrated the center so that whether a patient simply wants isolated skin care or the patient that wants everything we have to offer will experience an unparalleled level of service. Our belef is that patients who are most informed and educated become the most satisfied and committed patients. We offer a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation so that your results are both long lasting and natural appearing.

For our skin care patients, education centered around your skin as well as the products we will prescribe is one of the most rewarding aspects of good skin care. We strive to be much more than just a spa, but instead a true partner in helping you reach your goals in achieving skin that does not require makeup to camouflage imperfections. Our estheticians, along with Dr. Blackledge will customize a skin care program that will focus on anti-aging, healthy skin.

Facial rejuvenation has been flooded with “newest and greatest” trends recently because of the heightened interest in patients wanting “quick fixes.” Dr. Blackledge is very vocal in his belief that it is YOUR face, meaning it is not an area in which to be experimented. Often times, these fad procedures not only have not withstood the tests of time, but often may even be dangerous. Dr. Blackledge holds himself to the highest standards of care in all treatments performed at Blackledge Face Center to provide safe, natural appearing results that will enhance the patient’s own beauty.

When choosing a partner in facial rejuvenation, it is of utmost importance to feel both comfortable and confident in the treatment you will receive. It is our desire to stay as educated as possible about facial skin health, so that we in turn can help you make the most well informed decisions when it comes to your face. We understand that when you trust us with your face, you become much more than a patient. We look forward to beginning this journey with you.