With all of the products, injectables and surgeries available today, it’s easy to become obsessed with believing we need them all. What’s more important, is to realize that with different ages, different skin issues arise. What may be good for us in our 20’s may be obsolete in our 50’s. And just like everything else, sometimes less is more. So, what products are right for your age? We at the Blackledge Face Center have developed a guideline for ageless beauty that is tailored to your skin needs whether in the 20’s, 30’s 40’s, 50’s or 60’s and beyond.


Women in their twenties are usually affected with regular breakouts and also have the beginning signs of skin discoloration from sun exposure. The most important issue at this young age is to PROTECT their youthful skin from subsequent damage. A good sunscreen is going to have BOTH UVA and UVB protection. Elta SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Sport is an excellent sunscreen for young women with active lifestyles. It does not smother the skin, is lightweight, and can last for up to 8 hours even on our tennis players! Within the past year, SkinCeuticals has developed a sunscreen exclusively for the eyelid area. It doesn’t irritate the eyes because it doesn’t migrate into the eye, which is a regular complain in patients with active and outdoor lifestyles. For that regular breakout, SkinMedica Retinol is perfect to minimize oil production. This Retinol comes in three different strengths depending on the oiliness of the skin, with the goal of building up to the point of using Retinol every night before bedtime. Lastly, Obagi makes an excellent Therapeutic Spot Lotion with benzoyl peroxide to dry up the occasional persistent blemish.


At thirty, skin regeneration and collagen building has slown down. Also, the damages of the sun, especially discoloration, begin to accumulate. It takes about 35 days for our skin to naturally exfoliate as opposed to 15 days in our 20’s. This is an ideal reason to add a stronger retinoid to your skin care line. Generic Retin A comes in three different strengths (.025, .05, and .1) with milder and more gentler skin types tolerating the lower strengths. This should be applied every third night, gradually building up to every night as it stimulates new cell activity. It also works well in conjunction with a bleaching crème to erase sun damage pigmentation. Obagi’s Clear has hydroquinone 4% as its main ingredient to bleach out sun spots. This should be used twice daily to the entire face to achieve an even complexion. This age group is the typical age in which patients start to get a little more aggressive with prevention treatments such as Botox. These injections soften the lines in the area called the crow’s feet and between the brows.


In our 40’s, our skin really tends to start holding less moisture than ever before, and the lines caused by natural facial expressions become more permanent. It is most important during the 40’s to use products that build collagen and add moisture. Two moisturizers that are excellent to choose between are SkinMedica Dermal Repair and Obagi Hydrate. SkinMedica Dermal Repair is a non-greasy light moisturizer that actually helps to repair aging collagen as it hydrates! Obagi Hydrate is a time release moisturizer that actually moisturizes all day long. It’s important to use a moisturizer that is oil free to keep from blocking or clogging the pores at this age. Many patients during their 40’s begin to use laser to build collagen and tighten skin. The GENTLE MAX laser system is the first of its kind that actually does 4 in 1 treatments – it tightens skin, removes unwanted hair, removes brown spots, and evaporates spider veins. The treatment is literally a no downtime procedure. Once having gone through the treatment, the skin will be more supple and firm.


Two of the biggest issues that affect fifty year old skin are lack of moisture and loss of collagen and facial fullness. In the 50’s age group, the hormone levels change and production slows down. Hormones affect skin moisture, thickness, collagen production and wrinkle formation. So in dealing with hormonal induced skin changes, we have to address things like growth factors. SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum is the most powerful growth factor serum on the market today that is packed with anti-aging peptides and antioxidants which are all useful in rebuilding and replinishing the skin. To maximize the effects of your moisturizer, apply the moisturizer immediately after washing the face, thereby trapping the moisture in the skin! One of the most powerful facial treatments in fifty year old skin is a chemical peel called the VI peel. This peel combines retinoic, lactic and salicylic acid to produce a predictable 3 to 5 day peel that leaves the skin complexion even and wrinkle reduced. Now that we have addressed the exterior of the skin, let’s talk about what happens underneath the skin. The 50 year old face is constantly losing volume. Volumizing injectables such as Juvederm are used to fill in the lines that begin to deepen from the corner of the nose to the corner of the lips. Injectables have advanced to the point of requiring no down time and results are lasting up to a year.


One of the challenges of skin that is sixty and beyond is the increasing need for moisture in the skin. The Hydrafacial is a new technique designed to actually hydrate the skin and infuse anti-aging peptides into the skin all at the same time. This specialized facial is performed by one of the estheticians here at the Blackledge Face Center. Sixty year old skin requires heavier moisturizers and more repeated applications. An excellent moisturizer in this age group is PCA Collagen Hydrator because it has a butter base and literally coats the skin. Also, as the face ages, the loss of volume causes the skin to begin to sag. The newest injectable volumizer on the market, Voluma, is an excellent approach to refreshing the face. It is the first filler that actually fills in the lost volume in the cheek areas AND lifts the sagging cheeks at the same time. And the most impressive attribute of – it lasts up to 2 years.