There r a lot of questions I could ask him that he cant answer but not to worry MJ because the truth will b exposed. Dr CM will have to pay a huge price for his action or his inactions for not exercising better judgment in his profession. His family, fans and the world has lost a true man, humanitarian. The team leader’s motivation is explicitly defined as “Be a superhero”. Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: A very popular goal in the game is to ascend as an Archetype, a fundamental principle of the universe. This is the ultimate goal of many cabals, since they can then shape the next universe under their own principles. People have to drink. So they are drinking bad water. They are getting sick. Set in early 20th century Australia, Todd Allison is the next door neighbor of Petunia Elkwood, a broke yet perky young lady. Petunia is oddly intrigued by Todd, and in fact refers to him as “the only interesting thing in [her] city”. Todd asks Petunia to deliver a letter after the post office is bombed by the mysterious serial terrorist Violet; Petunia is followed by Todd to make sure the job gets done.

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