Tonight, as an exercise, the 17 students, ranging in age from 14 to 59, join Heurich in going through the early stages of planning a video show on how AIDS affects teen agers. They discuss script treatments and shooting schedules. Beverly Green, a student at Nichols, suggests the show ought to deal with “safe sex.” Glen Smith, who is planning a religious program, says it ought to deal with “no sex.” Heurich bows out of this debate: The content of videos is not BCAM’s concern. BCAM wants to make it possible for anyone to put just about anything on the air. The ideal result, say BCAM advocates, would be an exuberant cacophony of contending points of view on Channel 32: the voice of the people. Tom Terranova, 27, and Bruce Wieszala, 23, make security systems for a living. But they are also planning a political talk show. It will be called “National Target.” “He wants to keep it more con servative,” Terranova says of his buddy, Wieszala. “I want to make it like a Saturday morning wrestling show.” Beverly, 14, the Nichols student, and her friend, Tarajee Muslim, 15, a student at Mount St. Mary’s Academy, are leading a group of eight teen agers from different high schools in planning a 13 part series called “Teen Concepts.” Each show will address a single topic gangs, drugs, college and rely on interviews with experts and a studio audience of teen agers, ending with a performance by local teen artists.

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