With minimally invasive surgery, you can expect smaller incisions, shorter operating room times, and reduced recovery time, all while receiving optimal results. Dr. Blackledge personally develops and designs each minimally invasive procedure for the patients depending on their downtime and desires. He understands that not every patient wants to have a complete facelift, and so for these patients, he recommends other options such as these minimally invasive procedures. Often times, injectable procedures can be performed at the same time as these minimally invasive techniques to optimize outcomes.
Some of the advantages of Dr. Blackledge’s minimally invasive procedures include less downtime, less operating room time, smaller incisions which result in less bruising and swelling, all of which lead to a quicker return to everyday activities. The results are not compromised and still lead to very natural, long lasting results. Some of the procedures that Dr. Blackledge classifies as minimally invasive include his cheek lift which is made through small incisions around the eyes, limited lateral brow lifts and endoscopic brow lifts which can be performed through small incisions in the hairline and facial fat liposuction especially in the jowl and chin/neck areas. The options and advantages of minimally invasive procedures will be discussed fully during your consultation.

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