The Cameo: Shows up in Final Fight 2 as a background spectator in the French area during the fight with Freddie, a discharged member of the US Marines who has a rising knee attack not unlike Sagat’s Tiger Knee. Cassandra Truth: Guile’s assumption that Charlie didn’t die appears to have been correct. Well, technically correct. Charged Attack: Of the ‘Hold’ variety. Guile’s special moves consist of nothing but these and even his Supers/Ultras require you to charge back/down. The Comically Serious: He practically never smiles. He gets ribbed about this from time to time, particularly by his wife’s brother in law Ken, who sees him as a stiff who needs to loosen up (conversely he sees Ken as an Idle Rich playboy and wishes he’d be more responsible). Cool Shades: As of IV. They’ve proven quite popular with the fanbase. And it seems Capcom is aware of this as they’re now a part of Guile’s official outfit in V. Demoted to Extra: The developers of Street Fighter II considered Guile to be the “main character” of that game, as he and Chun Li were the only characters who were interested in battling M. Bison, the Big Bad of the game. However, after he was replaced by Charlie in the Alpha series, disappeared entirely in the III series, all idea of him being the main character disappeared as well. Ryu’s Wolverine Publicity pushed him into the spotlight in all subsequent games, to the degree that in Street Fighter V, the other characters (including Guile and Charlie) acknowledge that they’re waiting for Ryu to finish his Next Tier Power Up so that he can deliver the final blow to Bison Difficult, but Awesome: For beginners, compared to, say, a Shotoclone. Divergent Character Evolution: Whereas Guile and Nash used to play almost the same in Alpha, in V Guile remained a defensive beast and charge character, whereas Nash became a motion character more geared towards offense. Dressed to Kill: One of his Alternate Costimes in IV has him wearing a more formal military uniform. He wears a similar outfit as his default costume in V, albeit with the sleeves rolled all the way up. Eagleland: Type 1. Elemental Powers: His attacks create slicing bursts of wind. Exiled to the Couch: In the UDON comics, Guile ends up sleeping on the couch, as he had forgotten his wedding anniversary. Julia is not very happy. Most likely an oversight, although some joke that it’s a Stealth Insult on Guile’s part. Family Man: Guile loves his wife and daughter. Also refered in his famous Catch Phrase: Guile: “Go home and be a family man!”.

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