Considered a national expert and educator on his techniques for botox injectibles, Dr. Blackledge offers the full array of Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin to correct the fine lines associated with aging. Botox treatments are a non-surgical therapy that minimize the fine lines and wrinkles that accumulate from repeated frowning and squinting in the eye areas and from repeated pursing of the lips. Dr. Blackledge uses his facial plastic surgery background to understand the anatomy of the face so that he can customize each Botox treatment for each patient. The treatments are injected directly into the facial muscles that are responsible for the lines and wrinkles. With time, the relaxed muscles lead to relaxed and even disappearance of these wrinkles in the forehead, eye areas, crows feet and around the mouth. The results are a natural and more youthful appearing face that still has expression.

The areas that are most commonly treated with Botox include the number “11’s” between the brows, the crows feet areas and the forehead wrinkles. Other popular areas include the fine lines around the lips, sagging muscles in the neck and lower face. Recently, Dr. Blackledge has begun using Botox in the underarm areas to diminish perspiration.

Dr. Blackledge focuses on providing custom rejuvenations with Botox that provide natural, beautiful results. With his experience and expertise, he can optimize your treatment to accomplish your aesthetic desires regarding frown lines and brow elevation without a frozen or surprised appearance. Your safety and comfort regarding your aesthetic injection are our primary concern. In addition, we optimize your clinical experience in the office to make your procedure as comfortable as possible. Dr. Blackledge uses the finest gage needles and special techniques to minimize the discomfort of the treatment. Our patients are pleasantly surprised by how minimal the discomfort is – and actually look forward to their Botox appointments…and wonderful results.

Dr. Blackledge personally performs all facial injections to establish healthy relationships with his cosmetic patients and help them achieve a lifetime a facial health. Additionally, to ensure your utmost satisfaction, we detail the specifics of your treatments in your confidential paperless medical record to maximize your outcomes from these aesthetic therapies. With their natural appearing enhancements, our patients are say they look -and feel- “relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated” from their Botox injections with Dr. Blackledge.

Dr. Blackledge remains the only Black Diamond injector in the state of Mississippi and the only Allergan Top 100 injector in the state as well. With his expertise and vast experience, patients from around the southeast travel for his rejuvenating facial injections, and he is a highly sought after instructor for other physicians in teaching his technique