One not unsubstantiated theory is that most Hollywood movies are aimed at white people. Studio executives will often fear that white audiences will stay away if there are too many people of color in a film. Places and times that white people are notably absent from won’t often get featured unless a Race Lift is done to the main cast (note how many times movies set in pre Ptolemy Ancient feature an all white cast), or a white person or persons are inserted into the story, to give the (mostly white) target audience someone who looks like them, with whom they can sympathize. Saving Private Ryan: Uses this trope in the climax. When Miller’s squad find Ryan, he refuses to abandon his mission to hold a strategically vital river crossing for the Allied invasion, in spite of the airborne troops on the location lacking leadership and being outnumbered and outgunned by advancing German forces. Miller decides to lead the defense and let his men join the action not because the bridge is their responsibility, but so that they can ultimately bring Ryan home..

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