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Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Mighty Glacier: The Havoc. Slower than all of the other ships, but the lone bomber of the lot. Mythology Gag: The mercenary Elite Mooks fly Dianoga class ships classes, named after creatures from Star Wars lore. No Name Given: The Final Boss. He lives and dies as “Mercenary Leader”. Non Standard Game Over: Shoot the Naboo Queen’s ship one too many times, and they will consider you a traitor, and Essara blows you out of the sky. Old School Dogfight: The final boss, who leads you though the hangers of the Droid Control ship as you attempt to destroy him. Punch Clock Villain: The mercenaries. Their motivation is that they’re paid by the Trade Federation for their services (though they are cocky asses when you actually fight them). The Mercenary Leader especially. While he does kill Essara, he’s on a contract, and actually compliments Rhys during their dogfight in the Droid Control Ship as it happens. Shoot the Shaggy Dog: When Nym’s base is attacked, Nym and his men load up into two ships, call signs Evac 1 and 2. Evac 2 lifts off without a problem, but Evac 1 has engine problems, forcing Nym and his wingmates to stay behind and hold off the Trade Federation while the crew of Evac 1 tries to get their ship running again. When they do, the mission ends, but during the level ending cutscene, a flight of droid bombers and fighters blows them up. Stuff Blowing Up: Almost everything can be shot till it explodes (the things that can’t are scenery). And when most things explode, they let off fireworks. If a ship or building is big enough, it even momentarily flashes the screen white. They Know Too Much: The Trade Federation tries to kill Vana after she decrypts a coded message from them about their plans to invade Naboo. Worthy Opponent: To quote the Mercenary Leader, “Shame I have to kill such a good pilot.” Replica Stella McCartney Handbags

Replica Designer Handbags One unfortunate evening, an evil wizard and his underlings invade the Castle of a peaceful, unnamed nation. They murder the Queen and The Archmage of the Castle, the ExtraOrdinary Wizard of the time, Alther. On the same night, a family of Ordinary Wizards, the Heaps, down in the castle town awaits the birth of their seventh son, Septimus. His father, Silas, was also a seventh son, meaning that Septimus will have great power. But he is pronounced dead by the midwife and ferretted away. Instead, the Queen’s newborn daughter is thrust into their arms for them to raise as her own. They name her Jenna, unaware that she’s the Princess. But not for long; the Heap family must now protect their adopted daughter from the evil forces out searching for her Replica Designer Handbags.