Ambulance Chaser: Rudy’s partner Deck Shifflet qualifies except for one thing: he hasn’t managed to pass the bar exam. Rudy dislikes the practice, but is forced to do it just to make ends meet when he hits rock bottom. Rudy never actually signs up a single case. Leitmotif: Boccherini’s Minuet, which the gang pretend to play. London Gangster: Not the most extreme example, but definitely one of the most eccentric. Never Mess with Granny: Even grocers and cabbies aren’t safe from the unintentional wrath of Mrs. Pet the Dog: In one story, Anon actually learns the error of his ways and decides to become a better person after he sees him mom crying in the car from being pushed to her limits, culminating in him actually calling her mother instead of his usual “Mummy”. Potty Failure: Anon often ends up “poopooing” and “peepeeing” himself, in many stories he straight up uses diapers, which his mother has to change of course. Psychopathic Manchild: And how! Most of the time, Anon is portrayed as very immature, often straight up infantile to the point of wearing diapers and speaking in Baby Talk, and the things he is sometimes capable of when doesn’t get his way can be terrifying.

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