MODERN SOLUTION for frown eyes

Do you suffer from frown lines? That is, do the lines between your eyebrows seem to become more pronounced the more facial expressions you make? Are you looking for a modern solution to frown lines? At Blackledge Face Center, we are proud to offer Jeuveau, a prescription injectable that temporarily improves the appearance of the lines between your eyebrows and around your eyes. Jeuveau before and after testimonials will make you consider this procedure, as the results can be extremely pleasing. In fact, an overwhelming majority of Jeuveau patients were satisfied with their treatment, were likely to recommend Jeuveau to a friend, and believed their results were natural-looking.

In our Jackson, Mississippi, office, Dr. Blackledge will schedule a consultation with you to see if you are a good candidate for frown line treatment with Jeuveau. After your initial consultation, Dr. Blackledge will inject Jeuveau into specific areas to temporarily improve the appearance of your frown lines. Jeuveau works by temporarily preventing your nerves from sending signals to your facial muscles to flex, thereby eliminating the severity of your frown lines. If years of scowling or squinting have caused the dreaded “11” lines between your eyebrows, then Jeuveau may be the right solution for you and your aesthetic goals. Moderate to severe frown lines are the target of this new, modern injectable treatment.

Jeuveau injections only take about ten minutes, and the results are natural-looking. In other words, you will still look like yourself after your Jeuveau injections, just without the frown lines.

Dr. Blackledge is an award-winning injector and the #1 single injector of Jeaveau in the country. Jeuveau is the future of injectable treatments. Learn more about Jeuveau and whether you are a candidate for this exciting treatment that can improve your frown lines and increase your confidence.

“Dr. Blackledge is the best and I will never consider another surgeon. Mississippi is lucky to have him and I would put him up against the best Manhattan has to offer.”